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Once registered, you'll be able to submit links and earn karma. Just click the "Submit" link on the front page and it'll take you here.

Enter the URL of the site and a title (or click the "Suggest" button to have a title auto-fetched from the page you're linking to) and then select a reddit (i.e., a category). You can either click one of the suggested ones or type a few letters to search for one.

text posts / self-posts

If you don't actually want to link to an external site, but just want to say a few words, you can use the "text" link on the submit page. Instead of a URL box, there's a big text area where you can write whatever you want. It's like a sticky comment, if you're familiar with that term. Also, don't worry too much about making a typo -- you'll be able to edit this text later to correct mistakes.

Any URL that has been entered in the URL box will be discarded if you enter some text instead. You can't make a text submission that is also a link. Also, text submissions do not generate karma.