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Should the MLL expand their Season?

Saw the following tweet today "@LaxxTV everyone needs to get the MLL to try and have a longer season and get more sponsors and manufactures involved!!! #LaxThePlanet"

Do you think it is the right decision to have the MLL expand their season at this juncture? Are they ready to not only add more teams, but add a longer season? Does it make sense to have a longer season playing the same teams over and over again? How does the LXM Pro Tour affect it?

submitted 7 years ago by dirty_harry

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laxtv_staff 1 point 7 years ago
6 teams with an 11 game schedule for '11

8 teams with probably 13-15 games for '12

Seems like a decent schedule, they need to continue getting more fans and do a better job of marketing so they can pay their players a full-time salary and practice more than once a week. You'll see it happen, it's just going at a pretty slow rate.
PaulWeiss_LTV 2 points 7 years ago
Continued expansion is good. I think they could compete with MLB during September, just don't play on Sundays. Maybe have championship weekend be middle of September and have the championship game be on Saturday night as opposed to Sunday.