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Colorado State vs. Chapman

 Game Chat
  • LaxQT503: Hopefully there are different announcers than last night. Those guys were idiots.
  • HighHeat: and hopefully the camera actually follows the ball...
  • SoCalLAX5: never used LAXXtv before, is it just like ESPN3 where it gives you a live feed?
  • mormanscantshoot: euuuuw matty sathrum saves for days
  • Steve Nash: where did the feed go!
  • Ravaging Beast: what's going on with the feed?
  • Vincent Vasil: Way to go Timmy Andrews....give the ball to him again!!!
  • LaxQT503: that was sick
  • Vincent Vasil: Give the ball back to Andrews!
  • Ravaging Beast: Not a bad game
  • LaxQT503: Vincent Vasil is the worst...calm down
  • Ravaging Beast: ASU down 1-0 toTexas at the end of the 1st
  • Ravaging Beast: 2-0 Texas
  • LaxQT503: yikes ASU; thanks Ravaging Beast
  • unkdeezy: they gave him a penalty for that? all he did was take his lunch money #porterisbeast
  • Ravaging Beast: #notaravagingbeast
  • Ravaging Beast: I dont think Walrath actually goes for the clamp on faceoff. He just hopes to take it away.
  • Ravaging Beast: 2-0 Texas at the he
  • Ravaging Beast: half
  • LaxQT503: what's going on with texas vs. ASU?
  • Ravaging Beast: Same score
  • Ravaging Beast: Poly won 10=8 over Cal today
  • LaxQT503: Cal Poly is disgusting, and they will never do well against a real team
  • Ravaging Beast: A real team?
  • Ravaging Beast: They beat BYU
  • LaxQT503: for now
  • LaxQT503: wait until the tournament
  • Ravaging Beast: Poly is almost the same team as last year
  • Ravaging Beast: Heberer is sick
  • LaxQT503: is that the fat red head who sits on the crease? They don't play real lacrosse
  • Ravaging Beast: If Chapman wins this game and ASU loses, I see Chapman as #1, BYU as #2 and Poly as #3
  • Ravaging Beast: I dont think that is the same guy. Every time I have seen Poly, Heberer has worked from behind the goal
  • Ravaging Beast: ASU just scored 2-1 with 5 minutes left in the 3rd
  • Ravaging Beast: Texas scores man up. 3-1
  • AndyFUCKINGSalcido28: hey
  • AndyFUCKINGSalcido28: LaxQT503
  • Ravaging Beast: hey buddy
  • Ravaging Beast: Shouldnt you be watching Benjamin Button
  • AndyFUCKINGSalcido28: whoever ravaging beast is i like them
  • AndyFUCKINGSalcido28: not a good look for chaptown
  • AndyFUCKINGSalcido28: i don't think ASU is good...not anymore
  • Ravaging Beast: Good defense, but offense is very young
  • Ravaging Beast: 3-2 Texas is up with 10 minutes left
  • Jac Coyne: Beast, do you have the Texas-ASU score?
  • Steve Nash: Michigan leaves and parody happens
  • Steve Nash: 3-2 UT

Event Start Time: Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 7:00pm

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HighHeat 1 point 6 years ago
where's the game?
[deleted] 6 years ago