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Conditioning Suggestions for HS Lax

We are currently in the 'Conditioning' section of our Black Out dates, and I am trying to find things that I can have the boys do besides just running sprints, ladders, etc. (no pads or sticks are allowed during this period, and since it's winter in Utah we are indoors on a basketball court)

Any suggestions of different 'drills' that they could do, would be great.
Even better would be if it has some type of team building aspect to it, or re/introducing lacrosse concepts would be the best.


submitted 7 years ago by Dallas Brown

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dirty_harry 1 point 7 years ago
There are a number of things you can work on, but during this time it would seem to me the primary focus areas would be

(a) Balance
(b) Strength (Core)

A lot of coaches seek out MMA training regimes because they focus heavily on those types of drills. You can also use kettle ball training as a way to build these areas.

You can scour the internet to try and find a free training program from MMA or Kettle Ball, or you can just go to a bookstore and look in Muscle & Fitness mag. They usually have some.

I would also do the P90X Ab Ripper as well as some sort of Yoga at least 2 days a week each. Both will be invaluable to your team late in the season.
ABUlax 1 point 7 years ago
Hello, I am an MCLA coach and also a certified sports performance trainer (Combine 360/SPARQ, etc) --there are a ton of things you could do. Medicine ball relays, set up a series of "challenge" areas around the field and break team into small groups that spend a minute at each spot and then rotate/sprint to the next for a series of rounds, --My favorite is to give them some High intensity interval work --burpees, mountain climbers, tuck jumps, etc--20 seconds hard then rest for ten seconds--start with around 4 minutes and build up to 6-8 minutes.