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Game Film Breakdown Software/Ways

I am looking for a good way to breakdown game video.
This is for a High School Club program, so any cost comes out of my own pocket...

I was in a conference with one of the Assistant Coaches for Harvard and he talked about Gamebreaker Pro, however the price for that software (even the non-pro version) he said was really pricy (and they don't even give prices on their site. They say to call)

So I am curious what other people use?
Is there some other software that is good?
Is there a website that is good?
Should I just use QuickTime's trim feature? (thought of this but thought it would be tedious)

Any suggestions would be helpful.

submitted 7 years ago by Dallas Brown

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GameFilm360 1 point 6 years ago
I know this an old post. If you are still looking, you can check us out, we are a free tool with 2500 sports teams and growing - Thanks!