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Texas State @ Florida State

Streaming Courtesy of Texas State Lacrosse

 Game Chat
  • laxpro: just joining...whats the score
  • dirty_harry: not sure
  • dirty_harry: hoping to find out
  • laxpro: love the enthusiasm in the stands!
  • laxpro: do you know if either of these teams have played BC
  • laxdoc: score is a lot to a little
  • too_fat_to_flow: Called my wife at the game it is FSU 17-5
  • laxpro: 17-5, FL State
  • too_fat_to_flow: My wife is an FSU grad, my son played HS lax with one of the TS players. They are sorta torn watching the game.
  • too_fat_to_flow: FSU looking good again this year

Event Start Time: Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 7:00pm

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laxpro 1 point 7 years ago
just joining ......score?