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Westminster Tournament

will the the games at Westminster be on LAXX TV this weekend?

submitted 7 years ago by Count it

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dirty_harry 1 point 7 years ago
There were a number of logistical and budget issues that have changed our schedule throughout the season as we send out crews all over the country. We've been able to add some games here and there and have had to drop some games.

We'll hopefully be adding games and at the least will be helping teams stream games on their own as well, such as the Northeastern - BC game last night. We're a pretty small company and don't have a ton of money to throw at professionally broadcasting tons of games, as they do get pricey, but hopefully we'll grow enough to cover more and more lacrosse towards the end of this year and in the coming seasons!
adl0910 1 point 7 years ago
I don't know if all of the games will be shown, but westminster broadcasts their home games on So for at least the games where westminster is playing my guess would be that you could watch it on there. Hope this is helpful!
adl0910 1 point 7 years ago
better yet, just found that all the games friday and saturday should be broadcast via
Count it 1 point 7 years ago
According to the Westminster website, Fridays games will not be broadcast