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Effective Man Up Offense against 3 on Crease 2 out

Hello all,

We are playing one of the better teams in both our conference but also our division, on Tuesday.

In watching their game film (against one of the other better teams in the division), I noticed that on man down (for them), their defense always sets up the same.
They place 3 defenders on the crease (right, middle, left)
Their other 2 defenders play more outside splitting the outside players.

My thought for them doing this is to stop up close shots, therefore requiring outside shots, for which the ball has to make it between the crease men and the goalie.

I am curious if anyone has any thoughts on how to beat this defense when we are man up?
General setups would be great, and specific plays would be great.
Whatever you guys have I want to hear!

Thanks in advance.

submitted 7 years ago by Dallas Brown

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